Treatment of stomach acid reflux, heartburn and esophageal catarrh

Published: 11th April 2011
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What can be done without drugs?

Are you able to change any of the things that increase the tendency for Acid reflux?

This applies in particular to:

* Avoid fatty and very large meals and meal just before bedtime.

* If you are overweight, try to lose weight.

* Please try to limit your coffee consumption .

* Avoid too much alcohol .

* Stop smoking.

* Stop the medicine that relaxes the stomach (ask your doctor).

* If you have nocturnal symptoms, you can use an extra pillow (so that the entire upper body is raised) or put a few books under the headboard.

What are the principle ways of treating stomach acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, and pharyngeal-catarrh?

Almost everyone has occasional reflux of stomach acid. Treatment depends on the severityof the problem.

* Mild cases: Do not need to be treated with medication. Some have experience that it helps to drink a glass of water or milk.

* Few (less than 5 days per month), mild cases: Here you can take advantage of the preparations which operate antacid or form a floating block of foam at the top of the stomach. There are several different types, which are equally effective and costs about the same.can choose between oral or chewable tablets with different flavors.These preparations are made when you have symptoms such as after meals and at night. They work quickly, but the effect also ends quickly

* Weekly / daily event or severe pain: In many cases, you should, especially if symptoms are not entirely typical, be examined with a telescope in the stomach ( gastroscopy ). Based on this study a treatment plan that takes into account changes in the mucosa, need, efficiency, safety and economy.

* If during an endoscopy, pharyngeal-catarrh or other complication of stomach acid reflux is visable: Select a lengthy often years of treatment with one of the powerful but a little expensive proton pump inhibitors.. Starting with the high dose after 6-8 weeks of treatment reduced to the lowest dose that keeps symptoms away.

* If during an endoscopy pharyngeal-catarrh is not present, acid reflux symptoms must be reassessed. Where there is doubt about the diagnosis may still commence on heavy acid suppression therapy. Is there absolutely no effect of this within 2, weeks, the diagnosis is probably wrong, and the treatment stopped. In the other case, the principle as outlined above with effective acid suppression therapy for symptom freedom, then reduce to lowest possible dose that provides symptom freedom and the least expensive preparation.. Usually starts with proton pump inhibitor. Any change to a so-called H2 blocker.

Is surgery an option?

There is despite the above treatment many symptoms due to reflux of gastric contents that may require the possibility of surgery.

Some patients prefer surgery instead of continuing treatment with medication.

The main objective of this operation is to fold a small portion of the stomach as a collar around the lower part of esophagus and sews it fixed here. After surgery, there may be increased flatulence and decreased ability to belch. Approximately one third of patients still require antisecretory medication.

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